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2015 11U Cal Ripken Midwest Plains Regional Tournament


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The Sportsmanship Code of Babe Ruth League, Inc.

  • Develop a strong, clean, healthy body, mind and soul.
  • Develop a strong urge for sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Develop understanding of and respect for the RULES.
  • Develop courage in defeat, tolerance and modesty in victory.
  • Develop control over emotions and speech.
  • Develop spirit of cooperation and team play.
  • Develop into real, true CITIZENS.

playerMemo to Regional Tournament Managers

1. Please double check your credential packet. Be sure that you have all the required documents.

2. Managers and coaches – we will have one room set a side per team for manager/coach; these expenses are the responsibility of your league.

3. There are special rates and room blocks for teams and their families.  Please see lodging section to know where your block of rooms are reserved.  Call ASAP and move these to your name.

4. You will need to provide contact numbers for all coaches and managers at check-in.  If there are changes to the schedule for games we will contact the numbers provided.  We are NOT responsible if you do not answer and are late for games.

5. Make sure you arrive at the check-in site as a complete team and at your designated time.  Teams are to arrive and depart as a complete group.  There will be NO exceptions, unless there has been prior approval from the Regional Commissioner.  All such requests must be fully documented.  Any player not excused and missing from check-in will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

player6. The team, managers and coaches are required to attend the welcoming banquet.  Managers and coaches are required to attend the “Officials and Coaches Meeting”.  Tournament rules will be discussed at this time.  Managers and Coaches are required to attend the Manager and Coaches Breakfast.

7. Remind your players there is a curfew. It is 11:00 PM.

8. Any questions regarding any aspect of the tournament should be directed to MWP officials Bruce Dahlin 218-766-4328 or Moe Webb 218-766-1015.

9. Remember that managers and coaches shall wear uniforms consistent with the Babe Ruth Champion Teams with the Cal Ripken patch on the left shoulder.

10. Good Sportsmanship makes the game enjoyable for everyone; anyone acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will be removed from the playing field and the facilities immediately.

11. Be sure to have a team meeting and read through the Player's Guide with your team! Be sure that they know exactly what is expected of them.

12. During tournament play, if an individual is ejected, the manager of that team may also be ejected.  It is possible that either/both could be ineligible for the following contest as well.  If an individual is ejected for the second time, he will be sent home at once and not allowed to participate at the next tournament level should the team win the championship.  If problems of any form continue, the team could be declared out of the tournament. (per Midwest Plains Rule)

13. Reminder to pick up your regional team books before leaving for home.

playerPlayers Instructions

Officials of Babe Ruth Baseball and Bemidji Youth League baseball have made extensive efforts to make certain that your tournament stay will be a pleasant one.  Therefore, we expect each participant to cooperate with the following regulations during the tournament.


As tournament qualifiers, we expect your dress to be neat. You may, dress informally and comfortably.


We want every participant to thoroughly enjoy the entire tournament. If you need any information or assistance, contact your Team Manager or coach immediately. He, in turn, may rely upon the aid of the Tournament Officials when necessary.


A concession stand will be in operation throughout the tournament. T-shirts, programs, and other souvenirs will also be available.


Your conduct must be above reproach both on and off the field during your stay here. Any misbehavior or misconduct not only could cause your disqualification from the tournament, but may also disqualify your team.

Host Team

Members of the host team are to be treated and subject to the same regulations as all the other state champion teams participating in the tournament.


Curfew is 11 p.m.


Follow your team schedule at all times. Be at practice sessions, games, and other events on time. Be sure to check with your team manager and the Tournament Director whenever you may have to deviate from the listed functions.

Tournament Pass

A tournament pass will be issued to all players and coaches at the time of check-in. This is your key to admission to all tournament events. If you lose it, you will be required to purchase a ticket to all events. Keep your pass in a safe place and don't forget to bring it will you to all tournament functions.