Tournament Info and Rules
2017 12U Cal Ripken Midwest Plains Regional Tournament


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Mark Evenson FieldsTournament Headquarters

Official Tournament Headquarters will be located in the bullpen
(upstairs at the ballpark) for officials, tournament staff, commissioner, etc. to assist with any questions or problems that may arise.

Team Check-In

Make sure you arrive at the check-in site as a complete team and at your designated time.  Teams are to arrive and depart as a complete group.  There will be NO exceptions, unless there has been prior arrival from the Regional Commissioner.  All such requests must be fully documented.  Any player not excused and missing from check-in will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

State/Province Flag

The tournament committee requests that each team bring a 3’ x 5’ flag of their state or provenience.  The flag will be placed on the dugout during your team’s games and along the field when not playing.  This flag will be returned to your team manager when your team is eliminated from the tournament or at the end of the tournament.  


The umpires for the tournament have many years of experience umpiring.  They are here to make this tournament the best possible experience for all, so we expect that all players, coaches and fans will treat them accordingly.

Medical Assistance

There will be medical staff on hand throughout the entire tournament.  These services will be provided by Choice Therapy.

Practice Fields

Practice fields are available.  Availability can be scheduled through the tournament director. Absolutely no soft toss or hitting into the fence.

Game Conduct

1. Umpires will enforce all rules and regulations covered in the Official Baseball Rules and the Babe Ruth Rules and Regulations.

2. The games will be kept moving at all times. No unnecessary delays or mound conferences will be allowed.

3. ANYONE – Players, managers, or coaches – acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will be removed from the playing field and facilities immediately.

4. Only the manager (no coaches or players) shall discuss any plays of a controversial nature. The umpire in Chief shall be fully informed of the identity of each team manager.

5. Managers, coaches, and players shall wear uniforms consistent with Babe Ruth All-Star or League Champions teams. No coaching shorts or players’ shorts, or ragged shirttails, etc. will be permitted. Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times. The Regional Commissioner or his designee will have final approval of all uniforms worn by the players, coaches, or managers. All uniforms worn by players, coaches, or managers must have the Cal Ripken patch on the left shoulder and at least a six inch number on the back of each shirt. No number may be duplicated. Absolutely no player, coach, or manager will be allowed on the playing field without a Cal Ripken patch and a number on their uniform. Babe Ruth approved caps with the designated patch will be allowed for this tournament in lieu of the patches of the shirts.

6. Protective headgear must be worn at bat and on the bases at all times. Any player warming up a pitcher must wear a mask and throat fear. Any batboy/batgirl or ball retriever must wear protective headgear. Bat boys/girls must be prompt in delivering the discarded bats to their proper places.

7.  Catchers are required to wear a mask, helmet during warm-ups both before and during the game.  Coaches please bring an extra one that fits you because we will not have an extra one.

8. Equipment – hats, gloves, balls, etc. – shall be stacked neatly in their proper places at all times. Discarded bats, gloves and protective headgear in such a way as to cause personal injury to another player or spectator shall be deemed unsportsmanlike. This can result in an ejection from the game.

9. Only players, coaches, team managers, and bat persons shall be allowed in the dugout. Anyone in the dugout must be on the league’s roster during the regular season and also included on the tournament roster. No One Else is Allowed! This does not include your bat person..

10. It is expected that every player, coach, manager, and spectator will conduct himself/herself in an exemplary manner while representing their team, community, and the Babe Ruth Baseball program.

Mark Evenson FieldsGeneral Tournament Guidelines

1. Cal Ripken Baseball rules and regulations will be adhered to during the tournament at all times. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated, and could jeopardize the opportunity for a player or team to proceed in the tournament.

2. Sportsmanship will be stressed at all times. Judgment calls by the umpires will not be questioned. If there is a question concerning a rule, it will be discussed in a gentlemanly manner. Protests will be handled as prescribed in the Babe Ruth Rule Book. Players, managers, coaches and fans will not be allowed to talk to the Protest Committee during protest deliberation unless so asked by the committee.

3. Smoking, chewing of tobacco, or drinking of alcoholic beverages by any player, manager, coach, or fan will not be allowed on the field, in the dugouts, or in the seating area. Teams that allow players to drink beverages or eat food in the dugouts are responsible for cleaning up any debris from such actions immediately after each game.

4. The players, a manager, two coaches and a bat person are the only individuals allowed in the dugout during a game. Any other necessary personnel to be in the dugout will only be allowed with the permission of the Regional Committee. The area between the dugout and the gate to the field or bullpen is considered a part of the dugout.

5. Managers, coaches, and players are to remain in the dugout at all times except when participation in the game or time is called. Players are to wear helmets if required to be on the field.

6. Teams are not to verbally or in any way harass opposing pitchers, hitters, or defensive players. Encourage your own players and don't make remarks to the opposition. Players should be advised not to argue with the umpires. Your manager will handle all disputes with the umpire. Encourage positive play at all times!

7. Catchers are required to wear masks and helmets during warm-up both before and during the games. All catchers are to wear protective cups as required. Only players or coaches may warm up the pitchers. A back-up catcher is to be ready to warm up the pitcher if the catcher is not ready after the end of an inning. Pitchers will be allowed eight (8) pitches between innings and teams have one and one-half minutes to be ready to play between innings. An additional player, with a helmet on, should be assigned to protect any pitcher warming up while play is going on.

8. No equipment is to be left lying on the field while the game is in progress. It must be in the dugout area.

9. The home team will be assigned to the first base dugout. No team is to occupy a dugout until the home and visiting teams have been determined by the flip of a coin.

10. In the case of an injury, the game will be stopped at the earliest possible time. Do not come on to the field until time is out and the umpire signals you to do so.